[JDEV] Feature negotation/File transfers..

Thomas D. Charron tcharron at my-deja.com
Mon Aug 9 17:15:36 CDT 1999

On Mon, 9 Aug 1999 14:44:50    Seth Hartbecke wrote:
>Please remember that whatever we use for CTCP/MIME/(name or favorite
>feature) needs to be easily done/undone by the transports.

  CTCP would not affect transports in the slightest..

>The major selling point of jabber is NOT that it uses XML/MIME/CTCP or
>CTSP. You average user is not going to care (programmers trying to write a
>client will).

  I look at this as an additional feature, but everyone has their favorite..

>What they will like about jabber is how they can talk with anybody on
>ICQ/AIM/IRC/Yahoo/(Name your 2nd favorite IM here) without having to
>run multiple clients.  This is the market I think we should be
>targeting.  I am just concerned that the stuff we are talking about will
>not "transport" invisialy to these other environments.

  They may not..  Personally, I would like to be able to use ICQ and AOL ID's while using Jabber, but if you notice, I'm not on those teams..  ;-P

  I think we should take the shotgun approach.. ;-P  I can't say how well the transports will be able to do file transfers, as I have simply no clue how THEY do it..  I know that I can make the Jabber<=>IRC transport work with any of the above, so I'm guessing that they can as well..

  Oh, and BTW, this is also client negotiation, but the TRANSPORT catches it instead of the client..
Thomas Charron

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