[JDEV] Me and Slowness (was: Krufty Jabber Client)

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Mon Aug 9 19:05:43 CDT 1999

This is a response to the thread below...

I know I've been a bottleneck in the last few weeks and especially the
last few days.  I was giving my 100% attention to moving jabber.org to the
new server explicitly so that I could provide more options and tools and
be even LESS of a bottleneck.  Now that things are moved and I've returned
from my quick weekend vacation, I've been concentrating on catching up on
my 250+ backlog of jabber emails as well as setting more things up on the
new jabber.org.

The new teams are set up so to allow any group of developers interested in
a particular aspect of Jabber to take the lead and operate completly
independently and have all the tools immediately accessable to get their
job done.  This should remove any reliance on me or others.

I do ask that everyone has a little patience over this next week, as I
have a few man-years of writing to do in proposals and documentation, as
well as getting the 0.6 codebase moved into the new CVS server and keeping
up with my email.

Thanks for your patience thus far, things are going to really start moving
along quickly here in the next few weeks!


> > > > 	You've probably looked at the protocol closely enough to know that
> > > > MIME messages go in the <ext> message extensions. This is itself an XML
> > > > document fragment. Jeremie has been slow to produce a draft standard on
> > > > this, though he claims he has one on the back burner. Honestly, Jer's
> > > > absenteeism is what's slowing down jabber.
> > > >
> > >
> > > If Jer's slowing us down (I wouldn't know one way or the other)
> > > then we can
> > > take it into our own hands. User-controlled and splintered FTPs and web
> > > pages, while not the most efficient way to burn time, at least get us
> > > working. -- I'm not experienced with XML to a level I'm happy
> > > with, yet, but
> > > I will be trying to work in many of my suggestions to a new DTD. I figure
> > > that at least having a portable document available for developers places
> > > Jabber one step closer to completion.
> > 
> > 	I did NOT say or imply that Jer slows 'us' down. Jer is what keeps jabber
> > going at all. What I did mean to say is that Jeremie could do better by
> > paying more attention to JDEV and the jabber developers. He does a lot - an
> > aweful lot - but in this explosive last few weeks, he has been playing with
> > web servers behind the scenes. That's not a bad thing! It does have to get
> > done! And he's no doubt busy besides. I'm not blaming or judging him in any
> > way; merely asserting that the jabber community needs some better
> > organization ASAP.
> > 
> Oh, ok. =D -- Hey Jer, how about adding some of us to your crew? We'd _love_
> to help you in your administration blues!

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