[JDEV] Proposals (file transfers and info/query)

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Tue Aug 10 02:34:01 CDT 1999

Here is a first run rough draft at these:

Info/Query Proposal: http://core.jabber.org/info.html
File Transfer Proposal: http://core.jabber.org/file.html

Warning:  I just finished writing these and am not all that awake at the
moment.  I haven't even gone back over them for a sanity or spelling
check, so expect grammatical and other errors.  They are not quite
complete yet, I'm sure I've forgotten some important things, but they get
discussions started and get the basic ideas across.  They could both use
quite a few more examples and will get them, but I was writing them by
hand and it's too difficult to type <> all the time :)


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