[JDEV] A piece of MIME?

Patrick McCuller patrick at kia.net
Tue Aug 10 23:27:39 CDT 1999

> From: jdev-admin at jabber.org [mailto:jdev-admin at jabber.org]On Behalf Of
> Scott Robinson

 	[plenty of flamebait and unparsable sentences snipped]

> > 	Also see above where I argue that REINVENTING MIME would be
> > a lousy idea. SURE, you've got an XML engine right there. Great. You've
> > got a socket library. Whee.
> >
> Give me an alternative.

	I've been socking you in the head with an alternative for days: actually
*use* MIME, not just talk about it. You didn't need me to restate it.


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