[JDEV] A piece of MIME? (possible alternate solution)

Patrick McCuller patrick at kia.net
Wed Aug 11 00:12:58 CDT 1999

> From: jdev-admin at jabber.org [mailto:jdev-admin at jabber.org]On Behalf Of
> Scott Robinson
> Hmm, I like the way this solution is flows better than mine. I'd ask the
> question of how we will make sure plain-text clients won't parse <mime> as
> text, or are we de-facto'ing they won't?

	I believe this is actually an XML question in disguise.

	A child node won't be included in the CDATA Section of its parent. Clients
that don't understand MIME won't look for mime nodes.  Clients that
understand mime tags can look for child nodes named "mime" in the
appropriate places.

	So, I'm no expert at this, but the ammended DTD according to Jer's
suggestion would be something like this:

<!ELEMENT say ( (#PCDATA)?,(mime)? )>
<!ATTLIST say >

<!ATTLIST mime

	Look right? Close? I'm rather new to DTDs, I'd appreciate feedback on how
this would work.


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