[JDEV] A piece of MIME? (possible alternate solution)

Patrick McCuller patrick at kia.net
Wed Aug 11 00:36:46 CDT 1999

> > I would also suggest the type "message/jabber" for forwarding a jabber
> > message verbatim.
> That should work slick, and of course, all the special characters would be
> escaped.  The forwarded message would look like a pile of garbage in the
> raw protocol, but they would be perfectly parseable and fine to an XML
> processor :)


	I suggest we add several optional attributes to the <mime> tag,


	This parallels MIME headers (per RFC2045; let me know if I'm reading it
wrong) in email messages and having this information will make life easier
for MIME parsers.


> Hmm... I like this, it can work well in with the file transfer proposal
> also, where you could have a
>   <mime type="application/url">http://host/file</mime>
> embeded in a message.  You could embed all sorts of things into messages,
> other messages, URLs, HTML pages, etc...
> Actually, I can see lots of valor in this approach... it fits in very
> nicely with the rest of Jabber and adds a good deal of additional
> flexibility and functionality without forcing restrictions.  Cool!  We'll
> have to play with it in the real world and make sure not to abuse it
> though...
> Jer
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