[JDEV] MIME-Version

Scott Robinson scott at tranzoa.com
Wed Aug 11 09:55:21 CDT 1999

It isn't "outside" the MIME body. We're not dealing with straight MIME
because (one of the reasons) it would be more efficient to place it straight
into the <mime/> tag. The <mime/> tag is part of the body, and can be easily
constructed into a proper MIME message (for those that want it) with the
rest of the message/jabber.


* Dave Smith translated into ASCII [Wed, Aug 11, 1999 at 09:37:30AM -0500][<NDBBJJODKKLCELCEPIEMIEDHCAAA.dave at dorm4.org>]
> >
> > I'm assuming, then, that just sticking the MIME chunk in the <mime> tag
> > isn't going to be done?  Why use XML attributes for MIME headers when you
> > can just put the MIME headers in the MIME chunk??  MIME already contains
> > all it needs to describe itself.
> >
> Hmm...this is a good question. Why in the world does the manipulator(client,
> transport, whatever) have to be able to access the MIME attributes outside
> of the MIME body? Isn't the whole idea of MIME to be self-describing?
> <raised eyebrow>
> D.
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