[JDEV] Placement of MIME headers (was: MIME-Version)

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Wed Aug 11 11:13:21 CDT 1999

> It is just a matter of placement. If we use the wrapping <mime/> tags, then
> the developer of a client using MIME not only doesn't have to worry about
> writing extra (albiet miniscule) code to grab the lines, and they also don't
> (a bit nicer) have to worry about the unique boundaries. In general, it just
> saves time and makes MIME easier to use.

I agree completely here.  Let's stick to using XML's attributes to express
the MIME headers.  The XML tag boundaries do an excellent job already of
wrapping and containing the data described by the tag and it's attributes,
which fits well with the MIME efforts.

This also greatly simplifies the work for those clients that choose to
simply support text/plain and text/html, they can just take the CDATA
chunk from within the <mime/> tag and use it directly.


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