[JDEV] Jabber Routing

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Wed Aug 11 22:16:42 CDT 1999

> >Now is a good time to bring up routing, if we're going to start talking
> >about core functionality. A couple of issues with our current "routing" spec
> >were brought up in the channel by a lurker on our list.

These are all issues related to and handled by etherx, which is one of the
teams I have to "bring online" yet and get rolling with a few new
proposals and ideas...

> >a) How are we handling vhosts?
> >b) How are we multiple hosts?

It's DNS name based, similiar to HTTP/1.1.  One IP host can have any
number of transports, each addressable by a DNS name.  Some of this
documentation should come online as I get the etherx.jabber.org team

> >c) What about systems that cannot be contacted directly? Can we setup a
> >Jabber Server->Jabber Server routing system?

Yes, not currently, but I'm planning on adding "tunneling" to etherx, more
docs forthcoming! :)

> >d) Will we support a Jabber DNS extension. The particular lurker happened to
> >be an admin over at disneyonline and said that "MX" records were a god-send
> >for him. Can we create the same thing for Jabber? ("IX" was suggested.) This
> >could handle domain issues on both support and centralization.

Well, we can't very well go changing the DNS specification, but I don't
see any issues with just resolving via the MX records like sendmail, in
fact that is what I'm planning on doing just as soon as I can figure that
part out.  So if you're Jabber addy is fred at flinstones.com, it would first
look for an MX record for flinstones.com and port 5222 on that MX host,
failing that check port 5222 on flinstones.com itself.

Let's move this discussion over to etherx-dev at jabber.org, subscribe at:



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