[JDEV] email-isms and feature creep (re: unique ids, filtering thread, etc)

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Wed Aug 11 22:53:24 CDT 1999

It's a very natural path to try and turn Jabber into a "better email", but
that wasn't and isn't the intention.  I'm not saying that any of those
features are unnecessary, some are and will be needed by Jabber, but it's
a dangerous road to follow when you start mimmicking the email system.

What I'd like to suggest is that we wait until after 0.7, after we are all
*USING* Jabber regularly we'll have a much better feel for what kind of
additional features we'll need like unique id's, server tracking,
filtering, spam prevention, etc.  But until then, we're all just talking
smoke and mirrors.

So let's just concentrate on getting 0.7 out the door with what we already
have going in the protocol and the new MIME, info/query, and file transfer 
additions.  There's more than enough work to be done, after we get there
we can pick up these issues again.  Sort of a mini-feature-freeze :)


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