[JDEV] Runtime module (un)loading?

Anders Qvist quest at netg.se
Tue Aug 17 09:47:59 CDT 1999

I'm writing the dynamic module loading wrapper I mentioned earlier and I
just got a thought.

Jabbertransport keeps all those connections to clients open, right? Jabber
is hugely popular, so a server might easily have 10'000 users connected,
right? That would mean that stopping it would break 10'000 tcp connections
and generate 10'000 client dialogs saying "Argh! Server died!
Whatdoidowhatdoidowhatdoido?!" == A BAD THING(tm), right?

If this is so, we should probably try to create a transport that does as
little as possible, where loadable modules which can be loaded/unloaded
while server is running do all the actual work.

Or have I misunderstood things?

Anders "Quest" Qvist
NetGuide Scandinavia

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