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temas tom at box5.net
Thu Aug 19 09:54:41 CDT 1999

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I agree with Scott.  I think it is really important that libjabber be a
shared library as default.  Of course remember since we are using
automake, autoconf, and libtool it is a simple argument to ./configure to
make it shared.  That only applies to people compiling their own programs,
but then if they use precompiled binaries, it is most likely the binaries
(RPMs, DEBs, etc..) will be pretested and that way the default setup of
having a shared library will be known to work.  I also agree with Scott's
pth opinion for the same reason.

- --Thomas "Temas" Muldowney
  temas at box5.net

On Thu, 19 Aug 1999, Scott Robinson wrote:

> Personally, and note this is a personal opinion, I would compile libpth into
> libjabber statically by default and have libjabber be a shared library. Why?
> libpth isn't usually on systems by default and libjabber (at least in my
> environment) will want to be transported directly between machines. As for
> libjabber itself, having it shared makes it easier for multiple jabber
> clients on a single machine. JNIX and Kruft on the same client? I think
> so...
> Of course, leave the option for switching between shared and static. I'll
> be the first packaging a RPM for it depending on pth. :)
> Scott.
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