[JDEV] O'Reilly OS Conference

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Sat Aug 21 10:55:39 CDT 1999

I'll be leaving shortly here to attend the O'Reilly Open Source Conference
<http://conference.oreilly.com/>.  If anyone is going to be there and
wants to meet with me, let me know(I'll check my email once tomorrow for
sure) and we'll find each other :)

Anyway, while I'm traveling till next Wednesday, I'll be working on:

==> Mozilla

I'll be working on creating a mozilla based Jabber client that is
integrated with the latest builds of mozilla.  The client will be based on
XUL and live in the sidepanel, and likely use an HTTP/RDF-based gateway to
operate until I can figure out how to do raw sockets from within Mozilla.

I will also craft some announcements about this team/project and
officially announce it to the world when I return next week.

==> JNIX

I have some ideas and plans for JNIX, so I'll try to write these up and
post some docs on jnix.jabber.org.

==> mod_http

There has been some need for HTTP tunneling (for clients behind firewalls
to the Jabber server, and other purposes), and I think we can add support
for that via a module for the Jabber server.  Again, I'll write up some
more details and post them when I get back.

==> Chatrooms

I think it's possible to easily support chatroom-like functionality within
the current protocol by providing a few hints to the clients and for
clients that support it.  I'll write this up and post it also.

I'm heading out any second now, and I don't know how much connectivity
I'll have while I'm gone, so you might not hear much from me till next
week :)


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