[JDEV] AOL Corporate Teamwork

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Sun Aug 29 15:14:54 CDT 1999

> Only if the user is utilizing the AIM Transport will any link be placed on
> any GUI window, and only in the window containing the AOL user.  This way,
> if any other transport decides to use the same method of codevelopment,
> they can be as unobtrusive as the AIM codevelopment plan.

This won't really work either, as Jabber doesn't inherently provide any
means of determining if someone else is an AOL user or not.  I don't see
forcing issues with the AIM transport upon clients as the right way to go,
but an alternative might be to have the AIM transport add a disclaimer to
all messages from AIM users, something like "This message originated from
AIM, blah blah blah" as a footer.

Honestly though, I don't see AOL having any motivation to work on this
until there is sizeable attention or userbase for Jabber, and based on the
quality of libfaim I think our own efforts will be more than enough to
sustain us until then.

Also, AOL has said that they will support the IETF recommendation, which
Jabber will also be fully supporting, so the bridging will happen in the
future no matter what :)


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