[JDEV] Protocol bits and discussion

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Fri Jun 4 10:47:09 CDT 1999

> Hi all,
> I've been kinda following the list since the annoucement on slashdot, but
> kept to myself until now since there's not much I can offer on the
> programming side. Unfortunately. :(
> However things seem to be coming along nicely, and it might be time to
> volunteer my meager skills. Thus, I could help on any English -> French
> translation needed (documentation...), web and graphic design. 

Wow, yes, your talents and help would be very much appreciated!  What I'd
suggest is waiting a few weeks untill the new server is up and running,
then watching for announcements reguarding a "documentation team", then
you can join the team and there will hopefully be a few docs to help
everyone get started.

> I also have a few questions : 
> - is somebody working on a Yahoo! Messenger transport ?

Not yet, but there is a few clones out there and a nice library for
writing this stuff, so it shouldn't be too difficult if someone wanted to
attack this.

> - Is there any plan to make Jabber "skinable" (a la ICQ Plus for ex) ? >

That is primarily a client issue, it's up to any of the Jabber client
authors out there.  I'm sure that once Jabber starts to become more
popular that clients will be written that are themable.


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