[JDEV] Crypto left and right...

Corbett J. Klempay cklempay at chimera.acm.jhu.edu
Thu Mar 4 16:34:06 CST 1999

Ok, sorry for my lack of response for the past week or so, but I'm back
now..._this weekend_ is when I have to write up the proposal for my crypto
project (due Monday).

So, I need to solidify what I am going to do for this project.  A few

- Getting around the whole export controls on crypto seems almost too
sticky...perhaps I'd be better off implementing digital sig authentication
while just leaving hooks for other (i.e. offshore) people to drop in
128-bit crypto.

- It's an idea for me to just sort of develop it separately (while keeping
Jabber and its design in mind) so that my grade is not tied to other
factors (Jabber development) that I can't control too easily.

- I could try and put in 40 bit (128 seems like a no chance) and apply for
an export license...anyone know how easy (not easy) this is?

Also, any further comments about what digital sig architectures are
candidates would be greatly appreciated...and remember we need legally
unencumbered ones.

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