[JDEV] New protocol specs?

qbradley at csc.UVic.CA qbradley at csc.UVic.CA
Sat Mar 20 13:29:17 CST 1999

Is the new protocol documented anywhere?  I'll start digging through the
sources to try and figure out how exactly it has changed but would prefer
to just have that information :-)

btw, with snapshopt_921909600 I fail to compile the client, there seems to
be missing a definition of "tag" structure.  This structure might have
been part of the old parsing code.  Has the client not yet been updated to
use expat?

24 ~/jabber/jabber_snap_921909600/clients $ make
Making all in jabber
make[1]: Entering directory
gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I../.. -I ../../lib/    -g -O2 -c
In file included from jabber.h:15,
                 from lib_deliver.c:1:
defs.h:2: warning: `VERSION' redefined
../../config.h:17: warning: this is the location of the previous 
In file included from jabber.h:17,
                 from lib_deliver.c:1:
functions.h:5: parse error before `*'
functions.h:7: parse error before `*'
functions.h:8: parse error before `*'
functions.h:9: parse error before `*'
functions.h:10: parse error before `*'
functions.h:11: parse error before `*'

followed by some warnings about casting a pointer to an integer without a

Quetzalcoatl Bradley
qbradley at csc.uvic.ca

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