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qbradley at csc.UVic.CA qbradley at csc.UVic.CA
Sat Mar 27 02:06:03 CST 1999

On Fri, 26 Mar 1999, Jeremie wrote:

> As it is right now, with the way TCP/IP stacks work, much of the data will
> be buffered until the server can deal with it or the client will wait
> until the server catches up.

Aha!  But we still have trouble!  In a typical situation, I have a network
connection to a server, and it either has, or makes, network connections
to the destination server, which has a connection to the destination user
on that server.

I start flooding my server with messages as fast as I can, across my cable
modem.  There is a lot of congestion in between my server and the
destination server, so all my packets pile up on my server as it tries to
send them to the other server.

There are three seperate TCP/IP connections involved, so if the 2nd or 3rd
connection is slower than the 1st or 2nd, messages will pile up.

In the case of using HTTP/1.1 and a direct connection between clients,
this wouldn't be a problem because only one TCP/IP connection is involved.

The problem with the scheme you suggested for file transfers, as I
understand it, is that you send your IP number to the other user.
Disregarding privacy issues, this scheme will fail in at least two
situations.  One is using a firewall and IP forwarding, or if you are
using a proxy (kinda the same situation really I guess).  Actually come to
think of it would only fail in the case where you were behind a firewall,
wouldn't it?  Anyway, another advantage of implementing file transfers as
uuencoded messages is that it would be a REALLY easy way to implement it
in the client.

Another solution would be to implement both and see what works out best

Quetzalcoatl Bradley
qbradley at csc.uvic.ca

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