[JDEV] Win32 Client Executable?

Thomas Charron tcharron at nermail.ups.com
Tue Mar 30 16:14:51 CST 1999

	I have a a quick question..  Do you want a copy of the Win32
JabberClient.exe file to be INCLUDED in CVS?  It is currently approximatly
100k.  Currently, it's looking like the win32 client directory will take up
300k in CVS, mainly due to the inclusion on the expat .lib and .dll files.
In the near future, it will include the expat package as part of the build,
but for now I'm linking against the expat dll's for simplicity's sake.  When
I do, I can remove the DLL's and lib files..

Thomas Charron
United Parcel Service
Northeast Region
"Moving at the speed of a T3 Trunk Line!"

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