[JDEV] Win32 Client Executable?

Nicholas M. Kirsch nkirsch at olaf.nick.org
Wed Mar 31 15:45:32 CST 1999

I'm thinking maybe we should include the executable for a Win32 client in
the CVS repository, until we have a dedicated ftp site for binaries.
Whereas C compilers for UNIX are easy to find, the same does not apply for
Win32. I would like to try out the client the next time I come across a
box, but I surely am not going to obtain Visual C to do it.. :) 


On Wed, 31 Mar 1999, Jeremie wrote:

> > 	I have a a quick question..  Do you want a copy of the Win32
> > JabberClient.exe file to be INCLUDED in CVS?  It is currently approximatly
> > 100k.
> CVS is mostly for sources, so maybe not... on the other hand, it would be
> nice to have it handy for regular testing... 
> I guess, try it and we'll go from there... it's always easy to remove if
> it's a problem.  Maybe we can set up a special ftp repository for binary
> builds :)
> Jer

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