[JDEV] Misc Status..

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Mon Nov 15 08:44:31 CST 1999

  Haven't seen much traffic here recently, so I thought you all may be 
interested to know that we've succesfully tested current 0.7 codebase with, 
1000 simo users, all actively messaging eachother.  It looks like 1000 active 
users causes jserver to use about 35 Megs of memory.  I'm currently working on 
the StressTest tool, which simulates user connections, and by the release, I 
*HOPE* we can stress test it to 10,000 simo users.  Unfortionatly, this may 
require a larger machine then I have access to, so anyone willing to step 
forward and volunteer some CPU time on a box that can handle that many users, 
or heck, anyone who has ever been involved in a program that may have 10,000 
simo TCP connections open, please, step forward, we'd be glad for the help.

  The 1,000 user test has been performed on at least two machines, with my test 
system being a Pentium 200 with 64 Megs RAM.  Wasn't a really FAIR test, only 
becouse I was also running X, netscape, etc at the time.

Thomas Charron
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