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anthony ross tonyross at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 15 21:25:17 CST 1999

Thomas Charron wrote:

>   Haven't seen much traffic here recently, so I thought you all may be
> interested to know that we've succesfully tested current 0.7 codebase with,
> 1000 simo users, all actively messaging eachother.  It looks like 1000 active
> users causes jserver to use about 35 Megs of memory.  I'm currently working on
> the StressTest tool, which simulates user connections, and by the release, I
> *HOPE* we can stress test it to 10,000 simo users.  Unfortionatly, this may
> require a larger machine then I have access to, so anyone willing to step
> forward and volunteer some CPU time on a box that can handle that many users,
> or heck, anyone who has ever been involved in a program that may have 10,000
> simo TCP connections open, please, step forward, we'd be glad for the help.
>   The 1,000 user test has been performed on at least two machines, with my test
> system being a Pentium 200 with 64 Megs RAM.  Wasn't a really FAIR test, only
> becouse I was also running X, netscape, etc at the time.
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coudl you explain StressTester a little bit better? i dont think i'm understanding
what you want me too.  let me know when .7 is released on the site, and i'll see
what i can do about directing trafic, see ya - Anthony Ross aka Merge

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