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Robert Thompson robert at sv3.com
Mon Nov 15 23:25:55 CST 1999

10,000 users?....are all their messaging traffic going through the server or

Maybe I'm missing something, but I thought Jabber was an Instant Messaging
Protocol for Peer to Peer (actually, fastest client is server)?

Does all the traffic actually go through the server?

I have my own IM working (not IETF) that uses UDP protocol and just the
clients to talk -- no server except for a directory for hooking them up.

I guess I'm missing something here.

- Robert

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> Quoting anthony ross <tonyross at mindspring.com>:
> > > *HOPE* we can stress test it to 10,000 simo users.  Unfortionatly,
> > may
> > > require a larger machine then I have access to, so anyone willing to
> > > forward and volunteer some CPU time on a box that can handle that many
> > users,
> > > or heck, anyone who has ever been involved in a program that may have
> > 10,000
> > > simo TCP connections open, please, step forward, we'd be glad for the
> > help.
> > coudl you explain StressTester a little bit better? i dont think i'm
> > understanding
> > what you want me too.  let me know when .7 is released on the site, and
> > i'll see
> > what i can do about directing trafic, see ya - Anthony Ross aka Merge
>   Basically, we're nearly ready to release 0.7RC.  Another tool I am
working on
> is a seperate program that simulates client connections to the server.
> enough.  We'd like to have people use the StressTest tool once it's
complete and
> report their findings.
>   We'll be sure to announce all of this on this list when it happens.. ;-P
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