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GURER OZEN gozen at isbank.net.tr
Tue Nov 16 02:46:47 CST 1999


RT-> But for users doing 1-to-1 or group chat, it doesn't make sense to do
RT-> everything through the server when for 1-to-1, peer to peer is fine, and

it makes sense, if you want to 1-on-1 or group chat with jabber, icq, aim,
cellphone, irc, etc users at the same time.

RT-> Yahoo, AOL, ICQ...they all do it like this (well the only one I have

AOL's protocol is designed by Bloody Stupid Johnson, and icq has a 5mb client.
We're not spending our time to duplicate some well known system and give it
another name.

RT-> server I've found to reliably perform. For IM, I'm looking towards IETF,
RT-> Jabber (I think) and continuing to use my own UDP based IM chat.

Jabber uses distributed servers. If you install a jabber server on your
machine, it will almost work like peer-to-peer connection.

Gurer Ozen (gozen at isbank.net.tr, palpa at linuxfan.com)
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