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Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Tue Nov 16 10:02:41 CST 1999

Quoting Robert Thompson <robert at sv3.com>:

> May I ask why it's all done through the server?

  See previouse messages.. ;-P

> I mean, for users accessing chat from a browser, I can understand using the
> server.

  From a browser.  From a Cell Phone.  From a Palm Pilot.  From your new watch 
running that fancy new Transeta chip.  Also for situations where your messaging 
on your cell phone, but then your in front of your computer.  You continue 
messaging data seemlesly from one resource to another.

> But for users doing 1-to-1 or group chat, it doesn't make sense to do
> everything through the server when for 1-to-1, peer to peer is fine, and
> for
> groups, there is a good chance that one of them has a connection fast
> enough
> to server all the others.

  Actually, it makes MORE sense for a server to do this then a client.  What 
then happens when the primary user 'serving' the entire conversation goes 
ofline?  And then, aren;t you simply using one of the clients as a server?

> Yahoo, AOL, ICQ...they all do it like this (well the only one I have inside
> knowledge of is Yahoo).  The reason is that the community can have many
> many
> more users....if you do everything through a server it's going to
> eventually
> get complicated to manage large communities of users.

  The ONLY one that does it that way is Yahoo, and ICQ has the capability to do 
this as well..

  Our solution to the server problem is that anyone can setup a server.  Your 
id is you at theserver.com.  Again, there isn't 'A' server, it an open server 
environment.  3 Tier, not 2.  I may be tcharron at jabber.org.  You may be 
robert at jabber.sv3.com.  We're using two different servers.  Heck, once we have 
routing, etc done, we may be using 4 different servers to route the messages..

> For server based chat from a browser I use Webmaster chat...the only server
> I've found to reliably perform.  For IM, I'm looking towards IETF, Jabber
> (I
> think) and continuing to use my own UDP based IM chat.

  As far as I can tell, we will be the first system that CAN support the IETF 
protocol, due to our open namespace system.  we can address the user and the 
domain within our addressing system, which is one of the primary requirments of 
opening the namespace as the IETF wishes to..

Thomas Charron
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