[JDEV] [OT] Looking for Tue Wennerberg

Tue Wennerberg tue at it.dtu.dk
Sat Nov 20 08:35:56 CST 1999

Thomas Charron wrote:
> Quoting Robert La Quey <robertl1 at home.com>:
> > I joined this list back in February and have mostly enjoyed 
> > my lurk as you young turks crank out Jabber. Nice work. 
> > Now I am writing an article for XML.com which mentions Jabber 
> > and I need to locate - Tue Wennerberg, who was involved in some 
> > early message exchanges for permission to quote a statement he
> > made on this list. 
>   Wow, we're going to be in the news!  ;-P

I sent a mail to Robert La Quey which allows him to quote me. Personally I've
been on this list for a looong time, but ran out of spare time at some point,
so now I'm just a listener.

To the rest of you: Keep up the good work!

- Tue Wennerberg

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