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Wed Nov 24 00:09:57 CST 1999

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* Robert Thompson translated into ASCII [Wed, Nov 24, 1999 at 12:55:22AM -0500][<001d01bf3640$7efbeef0$65390a18 at roalok1.mi.home.com>]
> Is this any good news for Jabber being able to work with AOL?

Not to speak for temas (AIM is his department) but this looks _very_ good in
respect to writing an easy to keep updated.

> So when is the Jabber Win32 dll going to be ready (sorry to whine like that
> :).

Heh. Thomas Charron's department, last I heard. As far as I know, though,
jlib/etherx/jabber-transport can be compiled under cygwin. Why don't you try

> I've really been itching to try it out for my IM app. for a Long time now.

That's the kind of enthusiasm we're looking for. ;)

> I've resorted to doing my own simple UDP method in the mid-term, but if I'm
> going to go with Jabber in the long run I'd like to be able to get a real
> working feel with it.
> - Robert

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