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Patrick McCuller patrick at kia.net
Tue Nov 30 11:23:37 CST 1999

> From: jdev-admin at jabber.org [mailto:jdev-admin at jabber.org]On Behalf Of
> John P. Looney
>  I was doing a "cvs checkout -c" to see what was there, and it didn't list
> Java stuff. The Win32 stuff can wait, I know that the pth port isn't going
> to be an over night thing. I did find JabberBeans, though I'm not sure how
> to start it, now that it's running. Sigh. Why isn't this in the read me ?
> Anyone know what the main class is ?

	Jabberbeans doesn't do anything useful for an end user. It is only a
library which Java developers can use to quickly create fully functional
Jabber clients. There is some documentation to this effect in the
Jabberbeans distribution.

	I don't know of any Java clients in CVS at this time.

Patrick McCuller

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