[JDEV] Route tag spec proposal..

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Mon Oct 11 12:25:46 CDT 1999

(Scott, I made some more changes and sent the whole forking thing to the list..)

  Ok, after looking and talking with Scott, here's what I ironed out..

  After I will go thru roughly what it all means..

  <node id="jabber:pagertransport://pager.mot.com/" 
received="19991005T01:35:52" sent="19991005T01:35:54" timezone="EST">
    <action type="received" time="19991005T01:35:52">
      Recieved from Page 654-9876
    <action type="sent" time="19991005T01:35:54">
      Sent to destination address, jabber.org

  <node id="jabber:jabbertransport://jabber.org/" received="19991004T23:35:54" 
sent="19991005T06:35:55" timezone = "CST">
    <action type="received" time="19991004T23:35:54">
      Recieved from pager.mot.com
    <action type="archived" time="19991004T23:35:54">
      User Not available, archiving for later delivery
    <action type="sent" time="19991005T06:35:55">
      User Online Announced, sending.

  Ok, first off, the route tag.  This tag is used to contain routing 
information for all XML packets.  Transports are the only thing that should 
modify it.

  A 'node' is an entity that is doing something with the packet.  Could be a 
transport, could be data taken from the same route tag within the stream that 
this data was encapsulated in.  All stamps will be within a node tag that 
defines who it is that made these stamps..  It will also contain a 'when I got 
it' and a 'when I sent it' tag, that will give general data about the time, 
with the action things breaking it down further.  Also notice the 'timezone' 
tag.  If present, all times within this node's entries will be in that 
timezones offset.  IF IT IS NOT PRESENT, all times will be GMT.

  An 'action' is something that happens to create a stamp.  within it, there 
will be a timestamp attribute, and a type attribute.  Contained WITHIN the 
action tag, is any text that the node wants to insert to describe what/why it 
did it.

  Ideas, comment?  We could also allow any of the tags what may contain a 
timestamp to have an optional 'timezone' tag.  If it is NOT present, again, 
times will be assumed to be GMT.

Thomas Charron
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