[JDEV] Microsoft IM protocol..

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Wed Oct 13 15:39:48 CDT 1999

Quoting Robert Thompson <robert at sv3.com>:
> Are there any code libraries available from Microsoft IM or any of the
> other
> protocols?

  Not that I can see as of yet..  It's really interesting the way they handled 
it.  Basically, there are actually THREE servers users.  Once handles your 
login, then passes you off the another server which handles your login for 
sending data in and out.  Yet a third is used when actually chatting.  Leads to 
quite an interesting system.  Basically, they can have one or two login 
servers, an infinite number of Notification servers, and yet another infinite 
number of chat servers.  It's expandable by delegating the responsibilities 
across three machines, only ONE of which you need to know the address of upon 
connection, and what it does is so simple, it's the same as a web server 
designated to serving up simply one line static pages.  I'm willing to bet the 
authentication is passed to a series of servers as well..

> I'm anxiously awaiting the Jabber Win32 DLL so I can start building an IM
> app and testing it.

  See the last update to the timeline.  Working client as of the 15th.

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