[JDEV] Internet Explorer/Windows Integration

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Thu Apr 6 08:15:33 CDT 2000

Quoting David Waite <mass at ufl.edu>:

  What happens when you try?

> (because it won't let me write specifically to you TC)
> I mean more like the quicklaunch docable button bars. Basically what you
> get
> under the 'Toolbars >' menu when you right-click on non-program areas of
> the
> windows taskbar. Codeguru actually had an example for this and the IE bars,
> and while I got the IE bars to work I never could get an explorer 'shell'
> bar working.

  Ahh..  I'll look into asking some people at work today.  I believe that at 
least one of them has done this via the quick launcher..

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