[JDEV] Client help

Patrick Audley lists.apps.jabber at blackcat.ca
Sun Apr 9 22:08:52 CDT 2000

        I've just cvs'ed all the sources and am attempting to get a
client up so that I can start helping out, but I've run into a number
of problems and was hoping someone might be able to point me in the
right direction.   I first downloaded the tcl client but couldn't
figure out how to register an account for the first time.  Next, I
grabbed cabbar from cvs and built it (and all the libraries) without
a major hitch.  Unfortunately, all I can get from cabbar is "Could not
connect to server" in the logs.  I couldn't find anything obvious
from a quick strace and I'm hoping that someone has a quick fix :)

                                                Thanks in advance.

P.S. Cabbar creates it's config dir "~/.cabbar" with mode 0375 instead
of 0775 (and yes, my umask is correct :), grep the sources for mkdir
to see what I mean.

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