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Colin Putney cputney at whistler.net
Mon Apr 10 00:04:58 CDT 2000

Hi Patrick,

Welcome aboard!

> I've just cvs'ed all the sources and am attempting to get a
> client up so that I can start helping out, but I've run into a number
> of problems and was hoping someone might be able to point me in the
> right direction.   I first downloaded the tcl client but couldn't
> figure out how to register an account for the first time.

zabber is incomplete at the moment. You can't actually create an 
account, but once you have one, you can edit config.ini to specify the 
account info.

Creating an account can be done via irc. Connect to jabber.org (or 
whatever server you're running) with an irc client -- it was tested 
against x-chat, ymmv.

The fallback option is to telnet to the server and register manually. 
The protocol is described at <http://protocol.jabber.org/>.

> Next, I
> grabbed cabbar from cvs and built it (and all the libraries) without
> a major hitch.  Unfortunately, all I can get from cabbar is "Could not
> connect to server" in the logs.  I couldn't find anything obvious
> from a quick strace and I'm hoping that someone has a quick fix :)

cabber is a fairly old client, and proabably doesn't get along well 
with the current version of the server. If you're running gnome, gabber 
is a better bet: <http://gabber.sourceforge.net/>

have fun,


PS. Life at GT must be nice these days...

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