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David Waite mass at ufl.edu
Wed Apr 12 09:23:56 CDT 2000

Three things

1. This peer-peer communication will be non-compatible with existing
clients. Unless you are planning to block usage by other clients and
inter-server messaging with other jabber servers, you will need to handle
the cases where the other user does not support your extensions. I know that
I will never support such an extension in any client I create - part of the
reason I like/develop for/use Jabber is it does not give out my IP address
to people, instead being server-based.

2. In regards to proxies - you can't. You cannot open a port for an incoming
connections on things like proxies. So with two users behind firewalls, both
have outgoing connections and have no way to converse - so you would need an
intermediate server to accept both their connections and act as mediator.
This is the jabber server in the current architecture.

Clients that do peer-peer (like Mirabilis's ICQ) simply break in this
regard, and ICQ is dumb enough not to detect it is impossible to send a
message peer-peer, and to repeatitively try it over and over, making the
user wait for the message to time out before they can 'send through server'.

You will find it is very hard in many situations to detect a firewall/proxy,
especially with things like NAT proxies.

3. Offline messages should be stored in the spool directory, in a file named
based on the user.

-David Waite

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> hi all ,
>              We are developing an Instant Messaging client using Jabber
> Server . In the Chat application , we are sending the messages through
> the jabber server itself but in real life , it may increase the load on
> the jabber server so we want to establish direct client to client
> connection through jabber . It will significantly reduce the load on the
> jabber but what will happen if the user is behind the proxy ? How the
> user will be able to get the IP address of the machine which is behind
> the proxy ? Has anyone implemented such kind of application ?
>           One more thing . Can anybody tell me where the off-line
> messages are stored by the jabber(in which file) ?
> thanks ,
> chetan s ithal
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