[JDEV] Server Response

chandan sonaye chandans at mahindrabt.com
Mon Apr 17 07:15:44 CDT 2000

Hi all,
     I am developing Instant Messaging client using jabber server. I
have  following queries about jabber serevr.

    1.  When client sends messages continuously to jabber server with
timer for sending message set to 0 ms,
      Jabber receievs messages continuously and then It stops
      It does not respond to any other request from any user even though
client stops sending messages.
      Jabber server remains running, but it does not give response to
any query of any client.
      It neither sends login authentication nor any error messages.
      Why this happens? Can not jabber handle continuous messages?
       If in real time this situation occurs, how should it be handled?

     2. Sometimes jabber server stops running abnormally.
         What might be the reasons? Sending invalid stream to server
wouldn't be stopping server ( it is stopping client
          from running.)

     3. How many socket connection does jabber server provide at max.?
         How many clients can be connected simultaneously to jabber
         Our Jabber server is running on Lynux.



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