[JDEV] Status of Win32 Jabber server?

David Waite mass at ufl.edu
Tue Apr 18 20:03:09 CDT 2000

depends what you mean by 'supported'

Due to the fact that the jabber server is 'event driven' instead of
threaded, the pseudo-thread library it uses (pth) needs to be ported to
windows. This is difficult, since Win32 is generally incompatible with

So there is an ongoing port effort using cygwin32, but this was originally
started for testing purposes (i.e. for client writers). If you really want a
win32 jabber server, it will have to be written from scratch. Nothing except
a server hand-coded for windows NT will handle a multitude of user
connections (FWIW, I seriously doubt windows 98 could handle more than
twenty user connections, even with a native port).

-David Waite

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> What is the definitive status for this project?
> In ftp site, the file says, "win32 is borked, sorry"
> or words to that effect...is only *nix going to be
> supported in near future?
> Cheers,
> Sean LeBlanc
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