[JDEV] jabber:iq:auth Digest question

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at ti.com
Wed Apr 19 11:02:13 CDT 2000

Ryan Eatmon wrote:
> Peter Millard wrote:
> >
> > Ryan -
> >
> > For Digest auth, you need to concat the Session ID (from the initial stream tag)
> > and the password, then send that through a standard SHA1 hash algorithm. This
> > should give you a long string of ascii chars - which you send in the <digest>
> > </digest> tag. Hope it helps.
> >
> Thanks.  That did the trick.
> Side note, I had to use the Hex format, not binary or base64 to get it
> to work.  Just in case someone else is faced with this question.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Can this be documented in the iq:auth stuff?


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