[JDEV] Basic (No Doubt) Solaris Configuration Issues w/ 0.9.. .

Jack, Adam AJack at neonsoft.com
Thu Apr 20 08:37:46 CDT 2000

Last e-mail I wrote:	
	 I now just have to go find mcount....
	(BTW: uname -a	-> SunOS calvin 5.6 Generic_105181-14 
		sun4u sparc	SUNW,Ultra-4) 

Well I found it -- in a gmon.o in the GCC directory -- not a library -- and
"gmon" that smells suspiciously of performance profiling. We'll I copied it,
remand the *.o to *.lo and libtool then linked it in --- but only to
(eventually) get :

	No space for profiling buffer(s)
	Segmentation Fault

which seems to support my theory even more...

Am I looking at some GCC compiler flag that works on Linux or something, but
not on Solaris -- or could this be some difference with my GCC install.

I am getting into scary territory w/ this & I'd appreciate any help anyone
can give.



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