[JDEV] Help...

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at ti.com
Thu Apr 20 10:37:26 CDT 2000

Ok, I just figured out what changed that broke my code.

It seems that in order to get <presence/> subscription requests you now
have to fetch the roster from the server.  With the roster comes the
subscribe requests.  Can we get this changed back?

I'm writing a daemon that has no need for the roster in any shape or
form.  What it does need is to answer subscription requests so that
other programs can see when they are up and running when they grab their
rosters.  But to make me have ot fetch the roster every time in the lopp
just to get these <presence/> tags makes no sense.  It's a waste.

Why was this changed?


Ryan Eatmon                reatmon at ti.com
Mixed Signal Product Development EDA Team

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