[JDEV] installing the jabber server libs under sparc-solaris-5.7

Peter Köllner peter at mezzo.net
Mon Apr 24 20:49:01 CDT 2000

i encountered the following problems while installing the jabber server 
libraries on solaris 7 (fetched from jabber.org download path):


on solaris 7, you have to use /usr/xpg4/bin/id instead of standard id to use
id -u to get the user id. check for uname -s = SunOS and uname -r = 5.7.


the install parameters did not work.
-add AC_PROG_INSTALL to configure.in
-use automake --add-missing to install a copy of install-sh
-for some reason i did not yet find out INSTALL_DATA did not resolve to 
something useful. i replaced them by INSTALL in src/Makefile.in for a quick 


compiler complains about incompatible flags -fPIC and -pg
-removed -pg from src/Makefile.am, rerun automake; autoconf; configure


configure did not find libxode due to solaris' strange library path policies.
.configure --with-libxode=/usr/local (must be a better way)

same problem as libjabber: same solution

missing libadns: copied the LIBXODE tests in configure.in and added 
LIBADNS_ADD where LIBXODE_ADD is found. rerun autoconf.
there was another problem with  autoheader and libtool, but i did not yet 
figure out if that was in the original destribution or was caused by all the 
reconfigurations inbetween. it was solved by rewriting acconfig.h with
rerunning autoheader etc.

then rm ltconfig, ltmain and libtool,  run automake --add-missing and
ln -s /usr/local/bin/libtool to libtool (pew....)

libtool: link: `-L' cannot specify a relative directory
make[2]: *** [jserver] Error 1

this is caused by the definition of
ETHERX_LIBDIR = -L /usr/local/lib in src/Makefile,
which itself can be tracked down to the invocation of etherx-config --libdir
in macros/etherx.m4

a manual start of etherx-config reveals a leading space in the return value.
so etherx-config.in has to be changed so that there is no leading space 
produced, which can be achieved by changing the output="$output blurb" lines
addoutput="blurb" and 

if test -z "$output"; then
  output = $addoutput
  output = "$output $addoutput"

at the end of the option case switch  

another problem occurs in src/modules, where "if ! test" does not work.
i changed that in src/modules/Makefile.am to "if test !" in two places.

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