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Michael Petras petras at nortelnetworks.com
Tue Apr 25 09:19:43 CDT 2000

One aspect of performance I was wondering how Jabber addresses is the number
of open sockets. Does the
Jabber server keep a TCP socket open for each logged in client? What
determines how many sockets can be open
simulatenously using Linux? Does Jabber or Linux do any tricks to increase
the number of open sockets (such as
transforming open, but quiet sockets into some placeholder objects that use
minimal memory until the next message)?
Does anyone know of any implementations that do this? Does anyone know how
big IM/presence servers like Yahoo, ICQ 
or AOL handles this?

Our applications have to communicate with tens to hundreds of thousands of
fairly low traffic clients. Our servers run on 
Windows NT where the limit on open sockets is a significant issue. Thanks in
advance for any info.

Mike Petras

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> It sounds more like the test was throttled due to you sending too many
> messages at once, rather than any sort of scalability or other type of
> limitation in the Jabber server.
> -David Waite
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> Hi ,
>         The real issue which I want to highlight is not spammers but the
> Scalability of Jabber . The tests which I performed on Jabber clearly
> showed
> that it slows down which is definitely not acceptable in real-life
> situations . Jabber has to be more scalable than it is now . Any Thoughts
> and Ideas ?
> Regards ,
> chetan s . ithal
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