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chandan sonaye chandans at mahindrabt.com
Fri Apr 28 01:39:42 CDT 2000

Hi all,
       I am working in a Internet based project where we are using
Instant Messaging
       service using Jabber Server. ( Using Win32 COM Object. )
       We are implementing security featrure in Jabber IM service at
client side.
        While sending message, we first encrypt it, send message to
server, store it at
        server in encrypted form and then decrypt it at client side when
he receives
        message. But we are facing following problem.

       1.  When we send a message to another client, It goes thr jabber
             At that time, message is in encrypted form. When jabber
server receives
             encrypted message, it gives error "Invalid XML received" .

       2. If we remove encryption, and send message which contains
           like ¦ ( ascii value = 199) or other characters like that ,
then jabber server
           responds with same error that "Invalid XML received" .

           So message is not forwarded to other client.
           Doesn't jabber server support these characters in message
           If it doesn't support, then how can we encrypt it since while
          these  characters will come in message body.
          How can we handle this issue of security?
          Can you provide some solution to this or alternative to this ?

         Thanking in advance,

         chandan .

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