[JDEV] Newbie Question

Larry Salibra larz at nacs.net
Tue Jan 18 21:13:55 CST 2000

>From the conversation on #jabber , irq and aim transports aren't
installed on jabber.org as of now.  I think temas is working on this
right and he said that they should be up later tonight.  So basically, 
you can't connect to icq and aim (or yahoo) via the jabber.org server,
but will be able to soon.  Maybe a somewhat more informed person can
expand on this.
--Larry Salibra

Eric Schneck wrote:
> I am trying to develop a Jabber client for the Newton Messagepad.
> I figure that before I do that, I should try out one of the existing
> clients.
> I have been playing with the Windows clients, and cannot figure out how to
> tell them my id's on the other servers (xxxxx at yahoo, yyyyyyyy at ICQ, etc).
> I assume that you need to tell Jabber your ID on each system, so the server
> can do a proxy login for you, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how
> this is done.
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> Eric
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