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Joseph Cotton joecotton at mac.com
Mon Jun 5 12:57:00 CDT 2000

on 6/5/00 11:46 AM, Jerrad Pierce at belg4mit at CALLOWAY.MIT.EDU wrote:

>>> Two, does the aim transport actually cue messages for AIM users and
>>> pass them along whne the user connects? If so, does it add some
>>> text indicating the current status of the sender?
>> I just tested this and it appears that it does not queue up messages for
>> offline users. When I try to send a message to an offline AIM user, I get
>> the reply error:
>> <message from='aim.jabber.org' type='error'><error code='502'>The user you
>> tried to message is not online</error></message>
> Well yes, my client gets that message. But is the transport ACTUALLY queing
> the
> message? Or is that the defacto manner in which the jabber server willrespond
> in attempts to send to an offline user (the transport being none the
> wiser...)?

I see your point now. I don't know what the server does internally with a
message. I neglected to add in my message, though, that when the AIM user
came online a few minutes later, the message was not sent. It would be my
guess that the transport should act exactly as a native client to the AIM
service and therefore would tell the Jabber server that the message could
not be sent at this time and would delete the message. However, I don't know
what really goes on and someone else should answer that part of the

But I can tell you that a message sent to an offline AIM user is not
received by the AIM user when he/she comes online.

Joseph L Cotton
joecotton at mac.com
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