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David Conner dconner69 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 6 13:11:58 CDT 2000

--- Chris <cbehm at dotclick.com> wrote:
> > Can someone explain to me what the significance of
> > Jabber "Resources" are from a client-side
> perspective?
> >  When you log on, do you need to specify some
> > pre-existing Resource that exists on that
> particular
> > server?
> >
> > If there's any documentation on this to RTFM,
> could
> > someone point me to its location?
> The resource can be anything you want, the server
> uses it to tell the
> difference between two connections on the same
> account. That is,
> user at server/work is a different session than
> user at server/home and both can
> be online at the same time. There are no predefined
> resources but a lot of
> people will put their location (home, work, school,
> etc) or client name.
> Chris

So the server doesn't really care what it's called,
then?  You do have to have *something* as the resource
ID, though, correct?  It can't be left blank? (I think
I discovered this through trial and error.)

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