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Julian Missig julian at linuxpower.org
Tue Jun 6 13:15:40 CDT 2000

docs.jabber.org has everything you're interested in ;)

Resources are specified by the user when they log in, they don't have to
be pre-existing. The entire point is to allow someone to be logged in
many times with the same JID, just at different locations or using
different clients, such as julian at jabber.org/Gabber
julian at jabber.org/Jarl julian at jabber.org/irc

David Conner wrote:
> Can someone explain to me what the significance of
> Jabber "Resources" are from a client-side perspective?
>  When you log on, do you need to specify some
> pre-existing Resource that exists on that particular
> server?
> If there's any documentation on this to RTFM, could
> someone point me to its location?
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