[JDEV] IMPP submission

Matt Shook mwshook at mailandnews.com
Tue Jun 6 17:29:11 CDT 2000

I read eliot's IMPP submission on Advogato, and was very impressed, but
I have a few questions about IMPP itself, and what the Jabber
community's strategies are.

I realize that several big companies (AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft?) are going
to be submitting too. Do the people involved think that Jabber's
position as a thoroughly open and flexible standard will give it more
priority over currently proprietary systems?  Or do they expect to be
drowned out by the mega-corporations?

Is there a possibility the IETF will declare Jabber the standard, as is,
or with only minor modifications?

What if the declared standard is nothing like Jabber?  Do we just make a
transport for it, and continue on our way?

What if the standard is mostly Jabber-like, but with significant changes
(i.e. security features)?  Could this result in a complete overhaul of
the server, clients, transports, etc.?

So far, the only submissions on IETF's page appear to be joint works by
employees of Microsoft, Alcatel and others.  I believe I heard AOL,
Tribal Voice, and Yahoo will also be submitting.  Are there going to be
any other open source submissions that I don't know about?

Thanks in advance for any answers
-Matt Shook

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