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Benjamin Kahn xkahn at cybersites.com
Mon Jun 12 14:53:26 CDT 2000

	Pth has other problems...

	1) Although cross-platformness is a great goal, pth doesn't really
accomplish this.  (As your post shows.)
	2) Pth takes over SIGUSR1 which is normally (?) used as a "reload
configuration files" signal.
	3) Pth doesn't play nice when it gets near other threading
systems.  This means that Jabber can not be linked with some
libraries.  This limits the usefulness of Jabber in some cases.  (ODBC
libraries are often linked with thread libraries.)
	4) Pth isn't used by a lot of other projects, so it might have
hard to track down bugs.
	5) Etc.  

	It has only one nice thing:

	Pth is cooperative threading.  Cooperative means that most race
conditions don't come up.  Switching to a non-cooperative thread model
would be a lot of work as races get stamped out.

	Of course, it isn't my code.  :^)

On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, Eric Bowersox wrote:

> We've been kicking around the idea of doing a straight source port to Win32
> using the Cygwin toolkit.  The one problem in this is the pth (threading)
> library, which does not appear to be compatible with Cygwin.  We've tried
> some workarounds, to no avail thusfar...and, sadly, without that library,
> the server appears to be unusable.
> The only other alternative would be a full rewrite strictly for Win32,
> which, as you can imagine, is not our favorite prospect :-).  If we're
> serious about wanting a Win32 Jabber server, however, that may be the only
> way to do it right...
> Sorry I don't have better news for you.
>                     Eric
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> Hi All-
> I am new to jabber and I was wondering if there has been any talk about
> porting the server code to other platforms, in particular WinNT or Win2000.
> Thanks,
> Jim  
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