[JDEV] Group chat setup? (with winjab it's no-go)

Doug Monroe monroe at lucent.com
Mon Jun 12 15:42:04 CDT 2000

I don't know if this question is appropos to the JDEV list but I can't find a
way to do group chats using a jserver and WinJab combo.
Normal one-to-one chats work just fine.

According to Fig. 7 on:
there's a Group chat option (though it sayeth not how to access said feature).
I assumed this was accessed via WinJab->Join a Group (F7)
but in trying that I run into problems.
It asks for 
attributes...I enter what I think are valid bits:
 Group: ABMgroup
 Server: penguin.wh.lucent.com
 Nick: foo

and I get a "Group ABMgroup" window that opens and looks just like the
"screenshot-winjab-groupchat" image on the page ref'd above except the lower
right corner has a red "X" button instead of the "Send, Nick, Close, Hide,
Invite" buttons, along with a "Please wait...connecting"
message (in red) that does not connect (neither does it timeout or go away)
Debug shows:
  SENT: <presence to="ABMgroup at penguin.wh.lucent.com/foo"/>

then I get the red "Please wait...connecting" message. 
If Group chat is cancelled, I get:
  SENT: <presence to="ABMgroup at penguin.wh.lucent.com" type="unavailable"/>

my jabber spool does not have any such "ABMgroup" JID, the ABMgroup is a local
(to me) roster grouping...maybe group names need to be
set on the server side?? My jabber server spool currently holds:

$ ls
abm.xml      brownpatrick.xml  eduardomiller.xml  ryurkovic.xml
abmdemo.xml  ckrulik.xml       gerard.xml         studioc.xml
anuj.xml     dwm.xml           rbrandwein.xml

FWIW- none of this seems very intuitive from my perspective.

Any clues as to getting group chat working are appreciated.
Is there some server side component I'm missing, or some config option needing
to be set? 

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