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Eric Bowersox ebowersox at jabber.com
Mon Jun 12 17:14:19 CDT 2000

> 	I just wonder how u can have the ability for various 
> IRC clients,
> which have their own protocols to connect to their server, to 
> connect to a
> Jabber. It is very interesting.

The svc_irc module of the Jabber server listens on port 6667, and behaves as
if it were an IRC server.  It even supports a "NickServ" service for
authenticating with the Jabber server.

> Also, for example, Icq client 
> has their own
> protocol and encryption, which does not broadcast to the Internet, to
> communicate with icq servers and other clients. Therefore, 
> how can a jabber
> client can connect to the icq server?

Jabber clients connect to the ICQ server via the "ICQ Transport," a slightly
different piece of server software, that acts as a bidirectional translator.
The ICQ protocol is actually fairly-well understood, and there are several
open-source ICQ clients; the ICQ Transport builds on that work to translate
outgoing Jabber messages into ICQ messages, and incoming ICQ messages into
Jabber messages.  In essence, the ICQ Transport is a big ICQ client with the
Jabber protocol as a UI.

You can follow ICQ transport development more closely by subscribing to the
icq-dev at jabber.org mailing list; check icq.jabber.org for details.


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